Marina Tzoutzouraki shares her insights in Splash 247 Mediterranean Hubs Report

Maritime Hubs that are developing across the Mediterranean offer a full spectrum of services. Splash 247 identified the five leading maritime capitals in the region – Athens, Genoa, Limassol, Marseille and Monaco and released their Mediterranean Hubs Report during Posidonia 2022.

Athens has remained among the most important global shipping hubs, and will likely continue to be so in the years to come. Europe’s share of the global fleet is shrinking as more and more shipping operations move to Asian maritime centres, but Athens has been an exception. In comparison to other European cities, different developments have been observed since 2019, with fleet ownership and ship management levels in terms of tonnage increasing by roughly 20%.

“Athens ranks top, both in terms of shipowners’ and managers’ operating tonnage, at about 105m and 111m compensated gross tonnage (cgt), respectively, based on Clarksons Researchand Menon Economics data. The city’s strengths predominantly lie in its vast shipowning circle, with Greek owners having played a key role in the industry for decades. Athens – and neighbouring Piraeus – are home to the world’s largest fleet and have a strong ownership position with more than 700 owners located both in Athens and around the world. Its maritime cluster also serves this community, providing first-rate shipping services such as shipping operations, technical and crew management, and employing qualified local talent.”

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Image courtesy Splash 247 Mediterranean Hubs 2022 CFO and Co-founder, Marina Tzoutzouraki shared her insights and comments on the development of Athens and Piraeus.

“Owing to the geography of Greece with hundreds of islands, Piraeus is a major ferry market and is quickly becoming a favorable cruise port too with berthing being possible in the port because of its depth. Also recently reopening yards with the support of the current government,”

“In terms of how the local authorities are actually involved and what are they doing to bolster the city’s maritime credentials, Marina Tzoutzouraki, CFO and co-founder of, asserts the current government has been supporting the revival of Hellenic Shipyards as well as the Skaramangas repair area, while the municipality and maritime cluster are funding and creating the right ecosystem for tech start-ups in the sector.”

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