Marina Tzoutzouraki at Mare Forum & RINA “Funding Short Sea Shipping”

On November 18th, 2021, CFO and Co-founder Marina Tzoutzouraki participated in the 5th part of a series of digital Mare Forum round tables on “Funding Short Sea Ships today and zero-carbon ships of the future“. The panel comprised leading Capital Providers, Shipowners and Services Providers who discussed the present state of Short Sea Shipping as well as the future.


Marina shared her insights: “For short sea shipping, the challenge is that the old fleet needs to be renewed. Owners bearing the burden of covering costs (renewal, digitization, crewing, technology) is not possible nor fair. Government subsidies and financial assistance from cargo owners and clients is essential. Without this, an already old fleet becomes obsolete, resulting in shortages in transportation and trade. To make progress, it is imperative for the industry to collaborate and come together. In Norway, the government has already provided subsidies for the adoption of green technology. European countries must follow. Recovery funds are already being discussed; however, these funds need to be allocated in a quick, transparent and simple way to ensure they can be utilized to create the desired impact.”