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A Message From Our Chairman

Dear clients,

Over the past couple of years since our launch, we have connected with borrowers and investors across the industry and listened to their experiences using our platform.
While the pandemic took its toll on each one of us around the globe, we were able to utilize the time to conclude some deals and get feed-back on our concept.

Shipping Finance now at your fingertips!

We are incredibly proud to launch the V2 platform to make ship finance even more Easy, Fast and Secure for you. What began with the one-ship-one project ideology has evolved into a platform that supports newer and more flexible project formats that we encourage you to try out!
While our goal remains to disrupt and transform ship finance, we choose to work towards achieving it by adopting sustainable digitalization.

After having been in banking for over 30 years and having lived already many phases of that industry, I have together with some good partners including Marina, looked at the way ship finance has been and still is being performed and we see that the time has come for a completely new way of serving the ship-owning society with financing.

We see that in many areas of shipping people come up with new and innovative ideas, like the Cargo side that wants to become the new Amazon, the information side that wants to avoid brokers.  However, on the finance side we have only seen a few attempts to bring the world forward and that has mostly so far been for investments.  Now we offer a new and more logical and simple way of getting financing by connecting borrowers to lenders and investors through our platform.

Shipping and investors have been working nicely together for hundreds of years, although the last 10 years the relationship has been a bit bumpy.  We know that the improved shipping market will entice more interest in shipping from the investor community. is the first non-bank FinTech platform designed to offer investors bespoke opportunities and integrated end-to-end services to invest in Low Risk Secured Maritime Loans with attractive yields in an Easy, Fast and Secure manner.  These loans compare very favorably on a risk/reward basis to other debt products such as mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporate bonds, municipal bonds and direct investments.
For the borrowers this is a new way of quickly and cost efficiently getting the best offers for financing for your new or used ship’s acquisition, reaching a wider lender/investor base than normal.

I wish you a happy tour into the new world of Ship Finance and tremendous success with your investment.

Best regards
Dagfinn Lunde