20th Mare Forum Ship Finance 2021 – “The Capital Providers – Shipowners Dialogue”

A real-life conference, The 20th Mare Forum Ship finance 2021 was held in Rotterdam on November 3rd 2021 and attended by three of our eShipfinance.com co-founders, Marina Tzoutzouraki, Dagfinn Lunde and Tarun Gulati. eShipfinance.com was also recognised as a partner of the event, among other prominent organisations in the maritime finance industry.

From insightful round table discussions on “The Capital providers – Shipowners Dialogue” to exciting debates among over 180 industry panelists and attendees exchanging their views, the event was an informative and enriching experience.

Our team participated in a number of sessions:
Marina Tzoutzouraki – Funding short sea shipping imperatives
Dagfinn Lunde – Quo Vadis? Challenges, opportunities and risks on the global trade, shipping, economy, regulations and geopolitics.
Tarun Gulati – What are the benefits of the features of Alternative Finance to the global shipping industry?

We take this opportunity to thank all our fellow panelists and partners, as well as the moderators and organisers, attendees and sponsors.