Our Strategy


eShipfinance.com has been designed to be very easily navigable and intuitive. Users running into difficulty will be supported by our consultants – all online within the system.

We know that there might be a lot of information that you need to fill into the system. You can delegate the provision of this information to others e.g, you can nominate your CFO or accounting firm to provide your financials.

eShipfinance.com will then send them an email with a link for them to click on. They will be taken to the Register screen. All they need to do is to register on the site, and they will be able to update your financials.


Our entire process is automated. This enables us to turn around applications within days not months once all the documentation and supporting artefacts have been provided.


eShipfinance has been designed from the ground up with the security of your information and privacy in mind.

Your connection with eShipfinance.com is always encrypted and protected by 128 to 256-bit encryption, which are the same levels of encryption used by banks.

eShipfinance.com is hosted on highly secure infrastructure in Western Europe.

eShipfinance.com is also GDPR compliant, so we ensure that we, our associate businesses and our systems are all designed to protect and preserve your information and privacy at or beyond EU standards.>

Digital Transformation

Materially reduce the cost of operations and funding by using digital technologies to simplify processes, consolidate systems and transform the customer experience.

Create a more seamless and digital experience for borrowers and investors.

Service Leadership

Delivering superior personalised service for customers genuinely focusing on their needs and exceeding their expectations – and in so doing deepening relationships.

Using digital technologies to help put borrowers and investors in control.

Through data, better understanding and anticipate customer needs.

Grow the customer base with our simple digital experience.

Performance Discipline

Be recognised through innovation and performance.

Manage the business in a balanced way across strength, growth, return and productivity.

Aligning all our stakeholders including regulators.